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Geli Heimann, BSc, MSc Psych

I am Geli, also known as Angelika Regina Heimann. I’m German and most people call me by my German short name “Geli” (plus non German speakers usually make a dog’s dinner out of pronouncing my name …. Smile please … I love my name but prefer the German pronunciation rather than the anglisised).

Currently, I live in London, UK but there are some definite plans to relocate and live in Sydney, Australia. In short, as I also lived for many years in Hong Kong and other countries, I am a bit of a nomad at heart.

I am a proud mum of amazing grown up kids (they will always be my *kids*), and I am a besotted in love grandmother, too.

So, other than that, I am a Network Marketing Professional, and a Holistic Energy Wellness Therapist and Coach, helping heart-centered 50+ divine women make quantum leaps in their business and their all-round wellness, so that we can change the world together.


So, what brings me to essential oils and in particular Young Living?

Well, healing and wellness have always been at the forefront of my thinking, in fact you could almost say I was born into it….. 


OK, let’s get cozy and I’ll tell you my story of how it all began …

Dr. Max Heimann, 1962

My dad, Dr. Max Heimann, rer. nat., was a scientist or more specifically a phytopathologist and specialist in phytomedicine (plant diseases). He was the one who decided on my name Angelika because of the plant Angelica Archangelica officinalis a medicinal plant with healing properties.

I was born in Hannover, Germany, where he pioneered gene mutations in the early 1950’s; and in the late 60’s, he discovered apoplexy in apricot trees. In his latter years (he died one month short of his 90th birthday), he continued researching into plant diseases and prevention with some major pharmaceutical companies such as Ciba-Geigy. As an expert specialist in his field, people from all over the world, as far afield as Chile and Japan, would send their diseased plants to him to diagnose.

… and then there was my aristocratic mother, a pharmacist, a specialist apothecary, who was still trained to precision produce medication by hand, before the pharmaceutical industry deposited all the various samples reaching right into our home.

Here, on this picture, is little me with my mother in Wiesbaden, Germany. I grew up for most part in Wiesbaden and at the River Rhine.

Wiesbaden, of course, is well known for it’s medicinal hot spas and the international clinical internal medicine conferences.

All my growing up years, it was normal for us as a family to go out into the fields and forests to collect plants, berries, roots, etc. Then at home we would sit for long hours at the kitchen table and finely slice open our collections, de-seed, skin or deal with the plant material in ways my mother would deem right. Then they would be dried, or steamed or prepared in alcohol, to produce tinctures, ointments, infusions, or whatever.

Yes, it is safe for me to say, I was never far from the healing properties of plants!

…. well, and my grandfather’s brother (great uncle ?), was a Maître Parfumeur for the haute société, naturally using essential oils ….

Much, much later, during my time at university, I decided to link psychology with the study on therapeutic properties and uses of essential oils.



As the researches were university funded I had the privilege to experience some of the best oils, as well as top expensive brands available. I could not reconcile the fact that the same named essential oils would smell differently from brand to brand, often with a distinctive sharp chemical note.

I often wondered to what degree those supposedly 100% pure oils were in fact ‘refined’ and tampered with, or distilled at too high temperatures and pressures in order to cut processing time and reduce production costs – or worse still, extracted with chemical solvents … Yes, excellent top quality that has medicinal therapeutic value does have its price! There are no short-cuts!

It was clear to me that I would use essential oils when working with my clients because of the powerful therapeutic effects both on the emotions and the body, however, there was no way I felt that any, not even those top name brands would have been good enough for my clients.

So, I waited.

Meanwhile, I continued my research in psychology and came across ‘energy psychology’. It became clear to me that conventional talk therapy really was not as effective as it could be. I started to understand that ‘All is Energy’ and electromagnetic, vibrational frequency knowledge started to make a real difference with my clients and myself.

One day, a friend of mine contacted me and asked me if I had heard of the essential oils by the Young Living brand, as they were apparently true to the vibrational energy of the the living plants. THAT excited me to no end! I finally had found the answer to my missing link!

Finally I was satisfied with the 100% purity and pharmaceutical grade of the Young Living oils. Rigorous scientific testing, both by independent research laboratories as well as their own in-house ones, ensure that the oils are safe to be used topically and even to be ingested!

And, not only do they triumph in their 100% organic purity and top therapeutic grade, but they are so fine in their molecular structure that they are able to permeate the so-called ‘blood-brain-barrier’ to give all the benefits without the less then desired side effects.

If that was not good enough, these Young Living oils and especially their carefully crafted blends, grouping selected oil essences for specific synergistic benefits, have also been tested for their energetic vibrational quality.


For those of you who are knowledgeable about energy medicine and energy psychology, this is very good news indeed!

The so-called “Rain Drop Technique” with Young Living oils was developed (and independent scientific research validated) in order to drop specific oils onto the spine, acupressure and reflexology points at a distance to the skin. The reason is that the vibrational frequency of these oils start to heal the electromagnetic field around the body before they even enter the skin and there continue their energetic medicinal benefits.

It goes without saying that as a healer I use the Young Living oils in my work with clients with total confidence!


Well, dear reader, thank you for allowing me to share an important part of my life with you!
I would like to get to know you, so please leave a comment below.


Thank you!