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Hello, good to see you here !

You are most likely are a very busy Holistic Health Professional or Coach in your own complementary wellness business,
such as a naturopathic physician providing holistic health related services …
counselor, doctor, nurse, practitioner, nutritionist, therapist, psychologist, mind-body-spirit body worker, and/or healer.

It’s probably not unusual for you to have an inquiring mind looking to expand your knowledge in your specific field, as well as your quest to increase your business revenue, so let me ask you a question:

Do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside
of what you are currently doing in your profession?

If yes, adding an additional income stream to compliment your work, might be a good fit for you.


Hi! I’m Geli Heimann, BS (Hons.), MS Psych.  My field is vibrational energy psychology.

It is absolutely mandatory for me and my psychological services to integrate essential oils … but not just any essential oils. They have to be by Young Living, as they are the only oils I trust in terms of “Seed-to-Seal” purity and vibrational frequencies needed to support the well-being work.

As you can see, for us Holistic Health Professionals it makes a huge difference incorporating the Young Living Products into our services!





To say that I am totally passionate about a sustainable earth friendly wellness lifestyle would be an understatement!
I am proud to integrate my psychology healing services with the products of a company that takes responsible stewardship of earth resources seriously, which includes reforestation and a zero waste ECO program!

To me, as an energy therapist, it’s all about the purity of the vibrational energy that Young Living essential oils deliver, apart from their bio-chemical properties to further the path of wellness above the line!

Young Living keeps on expanding the company’s positive impact on the Earth, on communities, and on families around the world.

The best way to get the word out about the expanding mission is person-to-person, face-to-face, friend-to-friend. Direct selling in it’s truest sense. This business model allows Young Living to continue to build human connections, the opinion of a trusted friend will always outweigh flashy marketing campaigns and cold retail experience, especially where wellness is concerned.

So, for those wanting to create additional income, this business allows them to lead with passion and purpose, rather than simply the pursuit of profit.

There is another benefit of Young Living using the direct selling model: it empowers women and families worldwide!


Yes, direct selling is a HUGE plus!

Instead of throwing millions of dollars at big corporations and lowering quality standards to get shelf space in stores, Young Living invests that money in the people who use and share the oils. (Note: 80% of Young Living members are users only and never build the business. You never have to share the oils – ever.)

Personally, I would much, much rather see money go directly into the pocket of the woman who took the time and care to share the oils with me than to see it go to a big corporation. Young Living is sold by real human beings, who are driven to help others and have a real stake in the company’s success.

Who are those people?

Health Professionals. Coaches. Mothers. Husbands. Fathers. Families. People who are just like you, looking to make great money by doing good things and making the planet a better place.


Tired of trading time for money?

As much as I am passionate about helping people and love my work as a holistic energy therapist, let’s be real for a moment.

As an independent practitioner, or even as part of a clinical therapy practice, there is no guaranteed income.

At times it is a downright struggle, right? … There are times when you accept a client, even difficult clients, simply because you have to.

Exhausted to serve clients all over the place, running here and there, or even working via the Internet or your own place,

there comes a time when the profession you love becomes stress and strain in itself
… and you wonder when you have time for your loved ones, family, friends, or even yourself!

A big part of building real financial freedom means breaking free from the myopia of the health professionals and coaching industry and opening other wealth channels, particularly those that are leveraged and residual. Young Living opportunity fits that bill.

 Working for money is NOT freedom. That’s a highly paid J-O-B. The ONLY thing that creates REAL financial freedom is cash to “buy your time back”
– i.e., money coming in from passive or residual income streams.

Why financial freedom way beyond my needs? … because I am a dreamer … so that I can do things with it to change the world. Change at the levels where only THAT kind of money can heavily influence and create a more positive, equal and healthy world where abuse is no longer the norm.

In my opinion, that’s what money is for. It’s a powerful change agent for good, when in the right, CAPABLE hands.

Plus as Young Living has demonstrated that they are a stand for women and children’s financial empowerment. It’s a natural match for my business and mission, and could be for you, too!

It’s time to celebrate you and your hard work!

To Your health and prosperity with bright blessings,

Geli Heimann signature



Examples of Colleagues Using Young Living Essential Oils in Their Wellness Practice


In this video Dr. Minke describes some Therapeutic Breath techniques
and essential oil use that can help the craniosacral system.

It just takes seconds for the oils to penetrate the skin into the system
– that is why it is crucial to use the highest quality of essential oils to have the therapeutic effect.




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