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What Does It Take …

to Get the Law Of Attraction Bringing Results?

How Does Manifesting Work?


So, today, I took my beautiful incense thurible out to burn some Frankincense and Myrrh. I just love that pungent aroma. It straight away puts me into a meditative state.

It is good to have these resources and tools to support a conscious quantum mind leap. What do I mean by that?

See, we give meaning to events in our lives, whether uplifting, joyous,, or negative and stressful with frustration or sadness.

Thus, we build our own reality from our thoughts and feelings.

However, looking at this from quantum science, this reality is at best a hologram or an illusion. If you lack something and/or have a deep desire for something, that means it actually already exists in the vast quantum field, you just need to call it in.

It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s not necessarily easy. The key aspect is developing a high frequency of gratitude and love to enter into the realm of the field.

One of the paths for that is meditation with the help of the power of scent, via olfactory anchors.

When I work with people I use a variety of ‘tools’, such as NLP, Matrix Reimprinting, Strengths & Resiliance training from the field of Positive Psychology, EFT Tapping, Energy Psychology, Trauma Releasing Exercises, Energy Medicine, prayer, essential oils, and the list goes on from my psychology therapy practice.

People think that these techniques bring results. They help, but really, all they do is release some limiting stuff and create a supporting space of resourcefulness so that we can then use our awakened conscious mind and heart intelligence to step out of the illusion of a limiting illusion of reality and step into the bountiful abundance that actually is often hidden from us in plain sight. ♥





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